Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back on the Blog Wagon

I can't believe it's been 4 months since my last blog! Where did my life go?! So much has happened. I did indeed get the job teaching Acting at BYU after a very lengthly process (which perhaps I will go into later...) so we are packing up and preparing to move. The pullout date is August 18th and I need to be in my new office at the Y on Aug. 21st.

Until then I am performing in a new show, The Full Monty, at Marriott Theatre. I am playing Vicki Nichols, the crazy , fun-loving wife, if you are familiar with the show. It is a lot of fun and a lovely cast of people. It sounds sordid, and there is a bunch of skin shown, crass language and adult subject matter but more people from church have asked for tickets to see this show than anything I've done in my 8 year Chicago career. Perhaps it's because they know we are leaving and they want to see me onstage while they have the chance, perhaps it's because I'm finally working at a theatre 15 minutes from their homes instead of a 2 hour drive - but I think it's because they hope to see a little something-something... :) The show is not really about stripping at all - the larger themes are body/self image, realtionships, career disappontment and facing your fears, creating your own future. It's very inspiring and will provoke a lot of discussions about relationships.
I'm actually writing this blog backstage during intermission.

We had a garage sale on Monday and got rid of a lot of junk. Sunshine had a lemonade stand and sold cookies. She cleared a good $40 on her own - quite a salespitch she had "Won't you please buy lemonade from a little girl who just wants to go to Disneyland? Or cold water? Or homemade cookies? Please.... PLEASE!!" She set her tall bar stool up along the side of the road and held up an illegible handmade sign and waved furiously to the cars as they passed.